Boat: Z-71

Peter Forsberg, Pilot2_Team++
”Competition is the best practice”

Phone: +46 70 721 38 94
Facebook: team4speed

Peter started with boat racing 1989 and is the most experienced pilot in the team. Among his merits you will find a pile of WC and EC medals. European Champion in Class 3B, Swedish Champion 5 times, plus numerous medals in the Swedish series. He has been driving most of the classes up to V-24, boats with both mono- and multi hull constructions. For his great achievements in Offshore boat racing Peter has received a bade of honor, the ”Stora Grabbars märke”

Johan Magnusson, Co-Pilot
“You never fail until you stop trying”

Phone: +46 76 786 96 24
Facebook: team4speed

Johan started with boat racing 2011 and has navigated in the national V-300 and W-150, Nordic V-150 and international 3A. He is known among boat racers as a skilled navigator whom always stays calm and precise even under the toughest conditions.

Our other boats: A-212, A-68 and X-122