Boat: A-212


Peter Bjersten, Pilot
”Everything can be improved”

Phone: +46 70 742 68 88
Facebook: team4speed

Peter is an entrepreneur and inventor. Back in the late 80’s he was offshore racing a mono hull ROK 24 footer equipped with an Evinrude V8. Swedish champion in Class 4 Liter 1991. Retired 1993 but picked up racing again in 2015.

Erik Hamlin, Co-Pilot
”Pure pleasure”

Phone: +46 73 401 39 11
Facebook: team4speed

Erik is a marine mechanic, scout leader and sailor who likes old American cars and speedboats. Boating, both sailing and by motor really makes his day. In the end of the 2015 season he showed  every one in the team what a skillful high speed navigator he is.

Our other boats: Z-71, X-122 and A-68