Boat: X-122

Ulf Brändström, Pilot3_Team4a
”Win or swim”

Phone: +46 76 000 41 12
Facebook: team4speed

Ulf is a boatbuilder by heritage, following his father and grandfathers footsteps. Racing sailboats for many years but wanted to try Offshore boat racing in 2013 and got ”bitten”. Swedish champion in the V150 class 2014. Last year the first to race a boat built on the deflector technology. All PV4 boats are built in modern infusion technology by Ulfs company Vaxholm Komposit.

Oskar Magnusson, Co-Pilot
”Shortest distance wins”

Phone: +46 73 676 87 67
Facebook: team4speed

Oskar is an experienced Co-Pilot, used to navigating in 90 knots with Class 3C Catamarans. He has also navigated in Thundercat, V-115, K2000, V-150, V-24 and W-150. Among his merits are; Gold and silver medals in the European Championship Class V-24,  Silver medal in the World Championships Class 3C. Together with Peter Forsberg he also won the Roslagsloppet in Class W-150.

Our other boats: A-212, Z-71 and A-68.