Boat: A-68

William Söderlind, Pilot4_Team1
”If it’s under control you aren’t pushing hard enough”

Phone: +46 70 630 20 02
Facebook: team4speed

William was born into offshore racing, his father Mikael is a very successful pilot now retired. He is also a successful boat designer since many years. William won the 3A World Offshore championship last year in his fathers Hotshot design. This year he will defend his title in a PV4 boat.

Marcus Grönwall, Co-Pilot
”Know what you search for before you search for it ”                

Phone: +46 72 251 36 66
Facebook: team4speed

Marcus has been racing together with William since primary school and together with William won all of the three heats at the World Championship. He is a very skilled offshore navigator always well prepared and with full focus on the task.

Our other boats: A-212, Z-71 and X-122