Early 2008 I started to build prototypes based upon a idea i got when I was an active boat racer back in 1993. I was annoyed about that planing hulls acts like plows on the water, throwing spray to the sides. Spray consists of energy and it was just wasted. There has to be a beter way I thought, so I came up with the idea of using deflectors instead of spray rails.

After testing my first prototype I knew I was on to something.

A deflector redirects the spray downwards and aft creating a lifting and pushing force to the hull. Benefits that comes out of using deflectors are, better balance due to bigger footprint at high speed, softer ride by suspension created from the downward redirected spray, less wetted surface because deflectors are positioned parallel to the water line instead of parallel to the keel, less slamming due to that no flat surfaces is used, and not to forget, the push.

To compare the new deflector technology with existing designs, one prototype was built according to offshore race boat regulations. This prototype was test driven early 2015 by Ulf Brändström, at that time the reigning Swedish champion in Offshore racing class V-150.

Ulf convinced me that the design should be raced and that he wanted to be the man behind the steering wheel. The first PV4 boat was built in June 2015 and as pilot, Ulf won his first race and had a successful season in the new boat.

To exchange experiences with Ulf and to speed up the learning process, I decided to re-enter offshore racing myself. Our common experiences from the end of the season 2015 led to small adjustments which today have made our boats extremely competitive.

Late October 2015 the reigning world champions in 3A, William Söderlind and Marcus Grönwall tested my boat and shortly thereafter they ordered one for themselves.

PeterBjerstenNYIn the beginning of 2016 I got an request from Peter Forsberg to join the new team. In Sweden Peter is a living legend in offshore boat racing and when he asked if he could spend his 27th season in a PV4 boat I sure didn’t say no.

I’m very exited by the fact that my design now will be tested and raced by three such experienced teams.

Deflector Racing will enter 2016 season with four boats, two in the international 3A class, one in the Nordic V-150 and one in the national V-300. Our main objective is to further develop the new technology by pushing the limits, make improvements and hopefully ending the season as winners.

Peter Bjersten
Inventor of the deflector technology